RE: [lpsf-activists] Important Action Alert from Cindy for Congress

I am still committed to not debating Nancy unless the other candidates are included.
Thanks Starchild…that’s also what I recommended that Phil do.
I think the way to push her/them, though, is through my campaign since we have invested so much into beating her.
Hope to see you at the rally, too.

Please do not pass the actual message along.
Just that she is hold ing a protest.


I assume that (a) Cindy's not on our activist list, and (b) she
won't mind me passing this private message along. I'm delighted to
report she says she is staying true to her word on boycotting
exclusionary debates; hope whoever's drafting her emails gets the
message. I will try to come to the rally, and hope others do as well.
When/where is it? (I know the KQED office is at 2601 Mariposa Street;
if it's there, I just need the date/time.)

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Wednesday, hey if I (sorta) got my arse overseas to Berkeley at 8 30 this Am, you can do it.

That early? Ugh. What day?

      ((( starchild )))