RE: [lpsf-activists] GLBTQ outreach brochure

I might be wrong on this but I think Mike printed up 1,000 of them last year and I think that was 4 boxes. In that case there would be 250 in the box I gave Starchild and there was at least another 1/2 box worth in a shopping bag that I gave him.

Mike asked, but I also just received it late last night (they were
really crazy about the nonprofit documentation this year and wouldn't
give us our location until all the nonprofit documentation was done):

We're in space A31, which I think puts us in front of Bill Graham
Auditorium on Grove, probably closest to Grove and Polk.

IIRC, this is where we were last year (close to the ATM). I'm attaching
a PDF map.


P.S. Mike, I think delivery of the new brochures to the booth on Sunday
morning is fine. I'll be shocked if we blow through 300 of them on

Acree, Michael wrote:

mapgates.pdf (718 KB)