RE: [lpsf-activists] FW: Template of County Jurisdictions

You are a saint!

Subject: [lpsf-activists] FW: Template of County Jurisdictions [1
From: Marcy Berry <>
Date: Mon, November 14, 2011 10:44 am
To: <>, <>

[Attachment(s) from Marcy Berry included below]

He Beau,

Thank you for sending the template of phase 2 of the jurisdiction project. As I indicated at the last LPSF meeting and to you last night, I will fill in the information on the elected officials. I will not look at any information for the appointed officials.

I am forwarding your e-mail to our e-mail list. If someone has had a HUGE change of heart and volunteers to fill in the appointed folks, great. Otherwise it would seem to me that Kevin Takenaga might be out of luck.

I neglected to mention something that Starchild asked me to mention: why is LPCA not just updating the information collected under Aaron Starr in Operation Breakthrough? (Not my question, so if you want to jump all over Starchild, be my guest!)

Thanks for your efforts on this, Beau. Looks like you might have found yourself in a position of “enforcer” here.



Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 09:22:18 -0800
Subject: Re: Template of County Jurisdictions

Howdy, Marcy!

Thanks for the quick turnaround! I’ve attached the spreadsheet for Phase
2: Public Offices.

Kevin told me that he wants all jurisdictions, whether they’re called
“districts” or not. If it has public offices and it operates within your
county, we want to record the information about it. I hope that someone
will step up to the plate in San Francisco to help.

Let me know if this continues to be a problem.


<< Marcy Berry>>
<< Hello Beau,
<< Attached is what I understood was the first step of the project –
<< identifying jurisdictions. As I had indicated on my e-mail below, San
<< Francisco City/County does not have a lot of “districts.” Government is
<< composed of agencies, departments, and commissions. Most positions are
<< “inside” appointments.
<< At the last LPSF meeting, there was no enthusiasm to volunteer for this
<< project, so I volunteered to concentrate on the elected (not appointed)
<< positions only. Aubrey Freedman volunteered to help me, and I am copying
<< him in case he wishes to add further input.
<< Regarding the second phase of the project: On the San Francisco
<< Government website, I found a summary of most of the elected officials
<< populating the jurisdictions I recorded on the attached spreadsheet (http:
<< City & County of San Francisco: Local Elected Officials).
<< However, I have either lost or never had your template on which to record
<< the information, so that you would have what you want in the format you
<< want. Would you please send me (or re-send me) the template. I will
<< record the information as soon as I have a chance.
<< Marcy

For liberty,

Beau Cain
Libertarian Party of California

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Dear Francoise,

More like I am nuts! :-))


I agree with Françoise. In the LP, you would never be lumped with the nuts.



I know. I will never graduate out of the berries. (Thank you both for making me feel better.)