RE: Let's get out of Afghanistan

LPSF...see link below.

Maybe it would be a good idea for us to focus our limited energy on a
particular project. It might be the most efficient way for us to profit
from the limited resources we have.

Regardless of what we decide if anything...consider the possibility of
concentrating our support behind an energetic and intelligent young
person like Justin. He reminds me of a young Anthony Gregory if I can
flatter him like that...:>)

Maybe we can support him by getting involved....don't know for sure but
this internet marketing thing is really changing the landscape in favor
of niche marketers. What we need is content and maybe Justin fits the
bill as he is connected to a "respected (don't know about that)" media
source. Not as good as the Chronicle but they may be out of business
soon...or at least I hope so. Maybe we can find a way to leverage that.
Just a thought.

I'd be in for this or any other idea others can come up with.


Hi Justin,

  Mike Denny brought your online Examiner column to my attention, and I just wanted to say it's good to see hardcore libertarian opinions being intelligently expressed in that forum. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of liberty! If you live in the San Francisco area, I'd like to invite you to get involved with our local group of libertarian activists seeking to advance the cause. The Libertarian Party of San Francisco holds regular monthly meetings the second Saturday each month, which just happens to be today! Here are the details on where we meet -- please join us if you can make it. After the business meetings we hang out and enjoy conversation and conviviality.