re HRC incident, "was there a video ?"

Just got back from city Hall. I was standing at the edge of the crowd next to the steps into city hall when suddenly the Minutemen went onto the steps above me. I found myself in the front of the line and made a nice show of a white guy with some grey hair standing in solidarity, per your request. Lots of camers were there. But, I think the whole thing could be done much more effectively with a little more big thinking. what may have been more useful would have been for all of us to quietly ask the minutemen to join us as we fight the system thats divides us. the system is stealing from us as we stand there and drum beat, they are printing money like mad and giving the billionaires to rescue them. This makes all of the peoples money worth less. A paycheck, a welfare check, everything buys , a teacher's salary, , everythingthat the people get buys less stuff. as the billionaires get bailed and the wars continue, also funded by printing money. We are all in the same boat together, us, the white trash minutemen, and their Toms. We embrace them with sympathy and love as fellow victims of the system

also, Misha, it would be a good idea to have some American flags on our side, after all isn't this supposed to be a nation "with liberty and justice forall". Waving red flags "ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow" said Lenin, not Vladimir, John.