[Re: [GLIL] NRO: Marriage and the meaning of sex.]

Below is a question from the Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty list
regarding whether libertarianism is something one "grows out of" once one
becomes a parent. I know there are a number of parents on this list, so I'm

For context, this is a thread on why young people who wouldn't mind gay
marriage tend to switch views and be against gay marriage when they get older
and have kids. It was started by an article on National Review Online that
basically said the gay marriage movement has grown out of the straight
community separating marriage from lifetime commitment and creating a family
(e.g. no-fault divorces, women with careers putting off having kids, etc.).
Of course, that argument requires that gay couples who would get married have
no intention of making a lifetime commitment or starting a family -- a sadly
widespread stereotype about gays, at least in the conservative community.