RE: FW: [lpsf-discuss] You can stop the Illegal taxes if you act now! [1 Attachment]

As I said at the December 8th meeting, there is both a 30-day deadline
and 60-day deadline. It's in the statute. I preferred that a plaintiff
use the 30-day deadline. Waiting instead of acting is never the way to
get things done.

The web site does not expose everything to the public -- only members
with high enough access level, based on talking to me, see the
elections contest materials. There are plenty of public articles on
the main page that have been discussing this issue since March.

And there's Mimi Robson's recording of the question and answer session.

Once contests are filed, the filed paperwork is public, but the
internal site material will always be private.

That's fine Michael....just know I'm available to file if you need me. Let me know what you need from me.

Oh cool Richard, I'd forgotten there was more time, just had 30 days in mind.

  Sounds like Mike and I are willing to be plaintiffs – how do our members feel about the LPSF appropriating $225 (I believe that was the number cited) for the filing fee?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

The first is to sign up at the web site so that you can access the
restricted materials.

OK….I signed up but don’t see anything. Will you send via email?