RE: EQUALITY : RIGHT ON : [lpsf-discuss] TONIGHT: Marriage Equality rally & march

Richard said "We need to abolish the law that makes marriage gender-specific, just like we abolished the laws making marriage race-specific nearly a half century ago!"

With all due respect for those who want to have their rights protected equally under the law, I wish people would stop suggesting that the gay marriage issue is in any way related to past race-specific laws governing marriage between and man and woman.

I realize it's very fashionable and Gavin Newsom says it all the time, but men and women of different races can pro-create. Denying them marriage in the traditional sense is wrong. While gay couples can call their state approved or disapproved unions "marriage" until the cows come home, they are not the same thing. If the gay marriage movement doesn't stop repeating this sloppy logic, the vast majority of Americans who instinctively understand the difference are going to support a national referendum on this issue. This is precisely what Bush/Republicans want to do. It's my sincere belief that if you want to succeed in this (and I hope you do), you better keep the discussion within the sphere of secular equal protection and don't try to convince people that gay and traditional "marriage" are somehow the same thing. In that battle, you will lose. And if you lose it on a federal level, you will surely lose it all.

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