RE: California Freedom Suspension


  I believe we've got at least one guaranteed free meeting location -- Cafe Libertalia in San Diego. I suggest that be the fallback meeting location any time a free location elsewhere cannot be found. It seems to me that it does not make sense for the party to spend hundreds of dollars to get a room near an airport in order to supposedly save ExCom members money, at the same time members are (or at least often have been in the past, not sure about current practice) pressured to give money to the party above and beyond their expenses in attending meetings. I think a better approach would be go for the free meeting locations, and if anyone has trouble getting there, seek to carpool and such.

  What is the amount budgeted for EC meetings, and how much is it costing to publish an issue of California Freedom? It would be good to know what the monthly shortfall is, and see what other options might exist for narrowing it. Every bit would help, since selling ads can always help bridge the total too, and people such as myself might be inclined to buy advertising if the gap appeared bridgeable enough. I've already proposed the standing resolution to the ExCom in my last email; whether they act on it or not is up to them. Unfortunately I don't have a list of meeting locations here, but I'm glad to hear you think SF is close enough to an airport to meet your standards. I'll see what I can find here for December 5.

Love & Liberty,
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