[Re: Archbishop Riordan Poltical fair] Still need volunteers

Is anyone able to join Starchild on Tuesday? The site is accessible by
either Muni K (City College Station) or BART (Balboa Park Station).

tables and chiars will be provided for the day. thank you for your


     > Dear Mr. Power,
     > My name is Erick Orantes from Archbishop Riordan High
     > School. This school is partaking in its very first political fair on
     > *_Tuesday_*_ *January 29 from 11:30 a.m. -12:25 p.m. *_and inviting
     > your faction to participate. This political fair will consist of
     > political parties explaining their ideology from an informational
     > booth to our students. This would be a wonderful chance to enlighten
     > the younger generation about the importance of your political party,
     > and even receive volunteers for your cause.
     > The Political fair will take place in *175 Phelan Ave, San
     > Francisco, 94112 (right across the Street from San Francisco City
     > College).* The event will be hosted by the Junior Statesmen of
     > (JSA) in the gymnasium and there is no cost to you. You are
    welcome to
     > arrive as early as 10:45 to set up, but if you believe you are going
     > to need more time please call and say so. If you are interested