RE: Another anti-gold presenter needed.


My friend Christian Wignall is interested in defending monetary policy in the debate on 1/13/06.

Christian Wignall is the President of Capstan LLC, an investment advisory firm in San Francisco. He worked in Hong Kong in the late seventies as an economist and wrote for THE ASIAN MONETARY MONITOR. He later served as Chief Investment Officer for G.T. Capital Management, one of the most prominent investment management companies, specializing in international stocks and bonds for both institutional and individual clients. Mr. Wignall is also a Director of the Pacific Research Institute.

Best, Michael

Wow, Michael, now that's a
worthy opponent. He's got me
outclassed, and out resumed, and
probably out educated, and out
articulated, but I have the
simple truth on my side so it
should be an even match. I hope
David will moderate

Michael and Dave requested a resume
for our dinner discussion. I attended
Public Schools in Baltimore City Md. k-
I attended Wahington University in St
Louis and grduated cum Laude in
Economics and Biology, double major.
I then earned a masters degree from
Johns Hiokins University Bloomberg
School of Hygiene in environmental
My first job was with the Asbestos
Information Association of North
America, a trade association
representing the Chrysotile Asbestos
Industry before the nations regulatory
aurhorities. Chrysotile asbetos is, a
ubiquitous naturally occuring mineral
and a form of the state rock of
California, serpentine rock., the green
rock the Mint is built Market
I next worled for the Us Navy as an
Industrial Hygienist at the Submarine
reserah and officers training facility in
Newport RI with supervisory
responsibilities over The Kitteryy Maine
Nuclear Sub repair facility. I then
moved on to the US Army
Environmental Hygiene Agency where I
labored for six years making sure the
Army didn't sicken or kill it's own
employees unintentionally. While with
the Army, I had a romance with a
Libertarian grad student briefly
attending George Mason. I moved to
the Bay Area in1988 working as an
Industrial Hygiend Consultant. I started
my own consulting practice a year later
and at it's peak in 1994 had 15
employees and grossed over 1.5
million bucks. In 1994 I was stricken
with full blown aids, leading to major
retinal complications one year later. My
business was crippled by an employee
wistle blower lawsuit in 1998 whose
merit I will leave to your judgement of
my character. I sold my business to my
remaining employees soon after the
resoution of the lawsuit in 1998, and
rebought it to finally close it properly in
1999, in order to assure that no private
dabts were unpaid by a company
bearing my name. Since 1999, I have
been as active stock market investor
recently focusing on precious metals
and base metals I have been a home
bsed student of Austrian Economics
since 1994, my interest piqued by my
formal education and a very personal
experience with a failed savings and
loan in Maryland .My interest in
economics was first stirred due to
hardship of a close family friend who
was laid off from Beth Steel in 1959,
and then watching the slow agony of
the destruction of the blue collar class
in my home town. I attended courses in
the adult section of the Arkansas
School for the Blind in 2002-4 t learn
computer skills for the visually

Mike please strip this down to formal
roots it you desire.