Raising funds for Libertarian presence in San Francisco LGBT Pride (and other cities' Pride celebrations)

This year, the Outright Libertarians booth and parade contingent in San Francisco LGBT Pride will cost $600. This includes having a car for the eventual Libertarian Party nominee for President to ride in the SF Pride Parade and having a booth for both days of the Pride Festival. Please help defray the costs associated with this important election-year Libertarian outreach by visiting the following website:


and entering a donation dollar amount on the second line (earmarking it for San Francisco Pride Fund). Of course, if you'd like to donate to Outright's Pride outreach in other cities, to the general fund, or with a membership in Outright, please do so on that same page. If you don't see a city listed, but you'd like to contribute to Outright's presence there, please send an email to chair@..., and the donation page will be updated.

Thank you.