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Philip/Scott or whoever, based on your questions and what I can deduce from
those questions you will fit right in with this SF-LIB discussion group. I
liked the way Mr. Lobe refused to take the bait or agree with your interpretations
of certain events and peoples motives. Although I don't know much about him I
enjoyed his, Mr. Lobes, fair mindedness and understanding of world politics.
Unlike you, he didn't see a conspiracy around every corner and I thought he
debunked several of your assertions of one. I plan to listen to more of your
interviews, I found this one to be educational and relevant to what's going on in
our government today.

P.S. Rupert Murdoch who was mentioned in your interview (The Weekly Standard
and owns Fox News) who you accused of having dubious motives is an American
citizen not "A Foreigner" or British as you stated, he grew up in Australia and
is a naturalized US citizen.

Live free or die, Michael S.

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