Radical proposal

Thanks, Phil. And believe me, I do understand the temptation to have some impact and get some deserved notice by endorsing the Green Party's candidate. I am certainly interested in any other radical ideas you may have for gaining some traction.

  As far as robo calling, I did think of one use for it that I could support -- calling members of Congress, other government officials, or the media. Auto-dialing to deliver a pre-recorded message is phone spam in my book, and I don't think it should be used as a campaign tool to reach the general public. But as a means of mass-broadcasting to people in positions of power who are normally on the sending end of such broadcasts, that's something else! I'd be happy to support an auto-dialing purchase to tell Congress to repeal the "PATRIOT" Act or to the media to urge the inclusion of Libertarians and other alternative candidates in debates.

Love & liberty,
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