Radical Caucus

If you are a radical libertarian,
please consider joining the LP Radical Caucus.

      The Libertarian Party early on developed a lively tradition of caucuses to advocate for certain positions within the Party. One of the strongest and most important of these was the Radical Caucus. In recent years radicals have continued to play an important part in the Libertarian Party, but have perhaps not spent as much time and energy as needed to keep the Party focused on the prize: Freedom. Freedom from taxes, from wars, from state aggression against individuals. Therefore this re-mobilization of the LP Radical Caucus to work within the Libertarian Party to strengthen it, not only in numbers, but also in spirit.

      Libertarian Party Radical Caucus basic principles:
      * "Radical" is not a word we will apologize for. Neither is "purist".
      * Radical does not mean anti-incremental. Less taxes and fewer wars are welcomed by radicals. But we are not fighting for lighter chains. We are fighting for freedom. As the chains grow lighter, we will grow stronger, and demand more freedom.
      * The LP needs its core of radicals, and we cherish the Party and its work in the struggle for freedom. We aren't going away. The Party also needs the support and growth of those fellow-travelers who are not entirely comfortable with the idea of complete freedom. Moderate Libertarians are our allies, not enemies. We will NOT waste time and energy and goodwill attacking them. We will fight beside them for as far as they are willing to go, and be glad for the help.