Quote of the Day

Should not he have said “loyalty to the constitution” instead of to the state and the nation? I might not like agree with whoever is in power in the state or the nation and so would not be “loyal” to them, ;but I do believe in the protections afforded us under the constitution and am loyal to those ideals. Croskey’s ruling sounds like too much indoctronation to me. I’m a retired teacher in S.F. and I never thought my main job was indoctronating students to be loyal to the state.

Absolutely, indoctrination is not education. The government should not be
using the schools to indoctrinate the citizens. In my opinion, the
government does not have any right to teach “loyalty to the Constitution”
either. Some parents send their children to religious schools to teach them
loyalty to god, instead.

Please note, however, that the “loyalty” quote came from an earlier case
decided in 1961. I can remember back then when you had to certify that you
never belonged to any organization on the government’s subversive list to
get a job.