questionaire submitted to the SF Jewish Democratic Club

Dear Phil;

Nice answers. However you need to send a questionnaire to the RWJDC and ask them some pertinent questions as well. Any group sending you a questionnaire should answer similar questions or additonal questions plus the ones listed below.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


1. What is the mission statement of the RWJDC?

2. How many active dues paying members does your organization have?

3. Does being a voting member of the RWJDC require being currently registered to vote Democrat or any other voter registration requirements?

4. How often does your group meet and what's the average attendance at those meetings?

5. Does the RWJDC invite non-Democrats to speak before the group at its monthly meetings on a regular basis?

6. Has your group ever endorsed a candidate for any office of any kind who was not registered to vote as a Democrat?

7. Who are the officers of the RWJDC and what is their backgrounds?

8. What are the rules and procedures to get an endorsement or a recommendation?


  Good questions. I second you in encouraging Phil to ask them.

      ((( starchild )))