Queer Anti-Displacement Coalition plans to protest closure of SF public parks at night, harassment of homeless campers

From our police accountability ally mesha of the Idriss Stelley Action Center...

Queer Anti-Displacement Coalition meets every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at 377 Hermann Street (cross is Steiner).

I am the founder of QAC.
My name is Phil Horne.
My phone number is 415.577.1170
and my email is justicephil@... .

Please come to our Queer Anti-Displacement Coalition meeting next week (Saturday at 2 p.m./377 Hermann Street). We are planning a campover at Buena Vista Park on September 27th to protest the closure of the park at night and harassment of homeless campers by SFPD. We are going to produce a flyer, build a coalition, and have a promotional daytime campover with street theater and food on September 20th. Now is the time to get involved in the planning of this event.

Other efforts--resuscitating ACT UP; pasting, postering, and stenciling against gentrification; and direct action against Gavin Newsom (re. Budget priorities) and Lower Polk Neighborhood Association (re. Harassment of male sex workers).

  The anti-gentrification agenda probably does not mesh with libertarianism, but I think there's some room to work with this group. I am going to try to attend their meeting and encourage them to make wealthy government officials, zoning laws, and so on the targets of their ire, and perhaps empty government buildings the target of squatting actions (better than sleeping in a park with the chilly summer nights we have in SF!)

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))