Putting Pedagogy To The Question - John Taylor Gatto

This is just one page in an amazing free book that pulverizes the myth of public education.

It is radical, brilliant , well written, and inspiring.


Thanks Phil...JT Gatto released this book a chapter at a time some years back. I'm glad to see it now in web form....much easier to read. And you are right, it is extremely radical, brilliant, well-written and inspiring. I strongly encourage everyone on this list to read it. It is most informative.


Unfortunately, it does not pulverize the legions of soldiers in the marching army of government education, taking children from their parents and putting them in day-prison training-camps.

The army must be housed, fed, and entertained, currently on the payroll of the richest and most powerful corporations: government.

As soon as we can pay them more to do something else, the government education army will disband.