Publishing agendas in advance of meetings


  When motions are not public at the time they are made, meeting agendas are not published in advance of meetings, roll call votes identifying how each member votes are not automatically required, votes take place without advance notice and with no opportunity for public input or discussion, meeting minutes are written in "bare bones" fashion and give little idea of what really occurred at a meeting, etc., it cannot accurately be said that votes and meetings are open and transparent. If a local government agency where you live was operating this way and it came to your attention, wouldn't you object?

  I do not consider efforts to address these serious issues to be "bureaucratic noise and regulation". I consider them of the highest importance to our functioning as a pro-freedom organization accountable to its membership. If our committee would informally adopt sound practices of open governance, it would not be necessary to put forward resolutions on these matters, and those practices could simply be codified in the bylaws over time.

  Every single Libertarian who I've heard weigh in on the resolution I've proposed who is *not* a member of the Executive Committee seems to think it should be adopted, and Libertarians I've talked to also generally agree that more openness and transparency in party leadership is a good thing.

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))