Protest Stephanie Landa's Incarceration! Call and Fax Campaign

Dear Eric;

Your statements about Dr. MLK Jr. getting some valuable lessons in jail are on the point. But for someone who took getting jailed and using it to their benefit I can recommend one person who was very blunt and straight forward up front as to jail being the bestest thing which happened to him - Malcolm X.

For those of you who haven't get a copy and READ - The Autobiography of Malcom X.

He is plainly straight on his criminal past from drug dealing to robbery and burglary and what jail forced him to do - he got a dictionary and started reading it word by word and learned the dictionary and whole lot more other books.

Yes what is happening to Stephanie Landa is a miscarriage of justice to those of us who disdain the War on Drugs and the criminalization of hundreds of thousands - but the miscarriage of justice is being wrought by the State in a vain attempt to impose moral values on those who could care less.

To paraphrase Malcolm X when he said - the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Rock landed on us. The same applies to the War on Drugs - it is the Plymouth Rock which has landed on us - whether we like it or not and the skewed priorities it forces on PD's everywhere.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian