Protest Stephanie Landa's Incarceration! Call and Fax Campaign

Dear Starchild;

Making phone calls or sending faxes to the the named sentencing judge and to the un-named US Attorney on behalf of Stephanie Landa is not a constructive use of my time or anyones time.

The phone calls or faxes if any are to be made should be made to soon to be Speaker of the House Pelosi and US Senators Feinstein and Boxer to get personal and medical use marijuana and the personal and medical use pot plant growing totally legalized and decriminalized. Although this could be done on a massive statewide basis with hundreds of thousands or millions of signatures and phone calls and faxes I seriously doubt any of those three will expend their political capital to do the necessary battles to get the necessary MINIMUM 50% plus 1 for passage as no Washington politician who wants re-election will sign such a law so they do not end up being campaigned against as soft on the Drug Wars and protecting our dear children from heinous drug dealers and pushers.

To get anything done would require a massive state by state campaign with people from each state by the hundreds of thousands demanding such changes in the Drug Laws. Then and then could therebe any possible potential of getting the repeal approved by Congress. However it would face a certain veto by Bush. Then you would need to have enough votes lined up to over-ride the veto - in advance.

Making phone calls and sending faxes to the judge or some un-named person at the US Attorney offices AFTER the fact of a sentence agreed on and signed by the defendants will not change the sentencing - it is too late.

I also am not preaching to the choir I am stating personal facts and beliefs and as to what was presented in the article and the cupidity of the pot growers in believing a politican - of all things.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian