Propositions A,C, and G

Good news, we got the official opposition slot on three of the five arguments we submitted! Forwarding message from Aubrey below, and the info is also online at
  The tobacco referendum does list an official opponent, Carolina Escorcia of the Center for Economic Independence of Women and Youth – I don't know who this is, but assume it's someone the Let's Be Real SF campaign lined up, since the argument was theirs to assign. Just glad they submitted something, since the supposedly "finalized" version they sent me was too long and I was a bit concerned they might not get an argument properly filed.

  I'm willing to help on whichever rebuttals.

  As for paid arguments, I'm in favor of our submitting one against Prop. H, the Taser measure.

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Proposition A_Proponent_Farrell_Redacted_.pdf (4.98 MB)

Proponent Argument-Farrell_Redacted.pdf (1.15 MB)

Prop C Proponent Argument_Redacted.pdf (339 KB)

Thanks to all of you who worked so hard on all this!Françoise
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I hear what you are saying Starchild. I agree with Francoise that F is ridiculous. But with so many tenants and many under rent control we would be going up against a huge block of voters. It will surely pass IMHO.

In addition to F we might consider a measure where our humble voice might realistically help steer the electorate in a positive direction. Tax issues are important but not exciting. The police Taser issue is one where alignment with the Left could be productive. But maybe others like E are in the same category.

Just some thoughts...