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Hi Angela,

  I'm fairly flexible.... If you don't have a tight schedule or strong preference, maybe around 3pm?

  Can you please also respond to the request in my previous message before we chat (tonight if possible)? As much information as you can provide about how you came to contact me, what KALW's policies and procedures are regarding these segments being produced and aired, who makes these decisions, etc., would also be appreciated.

  Am copying our local LPSF activist list on this message in case any other members of our group have any input. Have a good evening!

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

What time works for a 15-20 min phone call tomorrow?



Hi Angela,

        Thank you for your interest in speaking with me about Proposition A on the local November ballot. I would be happy to meet or speak with you about it tomorrow. Left you a phone message a little earlier to that effect. I look forward to hearing back from you so we can confirm details.

        I'm presuming this contact was a result of my reaching out to the station to point out that some of the information aired by KALW on local ballot measures has been biased toward leading people to vote yes, and offering to present the other perspective.

        I specifically mentioned Proposition A, but it is not the only measure for which I heard a biased segment aired. I'm sure I didn't hear all of the segments however. Can you send me a transcript of all the ballot measure summary segments? It would be useful to have this content on hand if I weigh in on any of the measures, to know what KALW listeners may have already heard.

        Thanks again and please feel free to get back to me any time here or at the phone number below.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))
                               (415) 625-FREE

Angela Johnston
Reporter. Producer

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