Proposed San Francisco Initiative: "Home Safety Protection Act"

Dear Everyone;

While not part of the Tax Initiative committee work on the repeal of the Payroll Tax and the Hotel Tax once you get to writing them Initiative Ordinances it gets sorta simple and easy to do.

Therefore; this is an Initiative Ordinance to : allow decent, law-abiding, adult San Franciscans who so desire to do so to own weapons for Home Safety Protection.

It's attached as a word.doc

It was written with a lot of rhetorical hyperbole and slanted accordingly. When you read it you should be amused.

At the end of Section 3 are some Crime Statistics for San Francisco and the SFPD clearance or arrests for those crimes. The tally isn't fully complete as I am still waiting a call back from the Crime Statistics office with the final clearance reports for 2004. And waiting and waiting and waiting.

You will note the really low clearance rate of the SFPD and start to wonder what the money we are paying them - what does it go for???

If Starchild could share the proposed ordinance with the Pink Pistols they may find it amusing as well.

Or if anyone knows anyone at any of the RKB groups who could sponsor such an ordinance go for it.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

noon8window.pdf (36 Bytes)