Proposed LPC resolution on same-sex marriage

Many thanks to Gene Trosper of the Libertarian Political Action Alliance for urging this action and writing the original draft of this proposed resolution.

Yours in liberty,
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Whereas the Libertarian Party of California's platform plank on discrimination states that no level of government should deny or abridge the rights of any individual based upon factors including sexual preference and that the party opposes all governmental attempts to regulate private freedom of association, and

Whereas The Libertarian Party of California's platform plank on marriage states that individuals have the right to form private relationships as they see fit, and that consenting adults have the right to form marriage contracts without regard to sexual preference, and

Whereas San Francisco officials are currently issuing marriage licenses to thousands of loving gay and lesbian couples in defiance of state and federal officials, and

Whereas California Attorney General Bill Lockyer is pursuing legal action to bring an immediate halt to the granting of such licenses, and

Whereas right wing conservatives, with the endorsement of President Bush, are attempting to add an amendment banning same-sex marriages to the United States Constitution to prevent the granting of such licenses anywhere in the nation, and

Whereas this proposed Federal Marriage Amendment would cement an entire group of Americans as essentially second class citizens in a manner at odds with our platform, and

Whereas government marriage laws violate the principle of separation of church and state by imposing definitions and rules for what has traditionally been a religious ceremony and thereby infringe on the rights of religious organizations and other private entities to define and conduct marriages in accordance with their own beliefs,

Therefore be it resolved that the Libertarian Party of California opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment as an assault upon the rights of consenting adults to associate in any manner they so choose and a denial of freedom for religious and other organizations to privately define marriage in accordance with their beliefs, and

Be it further resolved that we applaud the actions of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and other officials in San Francisco as well as in communities across California and the United States, who have reacted to the controversy over same-sex marriage, and to the often vague and contradictory constitutional and statutory laws on the matter, by taking a bold stand in favor of equality. We call upon all Californians of good will to join with us in this latest chapter of the struggle for civil rights.