Proposed LPC Platform Committee Handbook

Thinking about the way the Platform Committee have been functioning, the recent discussion about how to handle proposed replacements of our entire platform with something different, and how I think these operations could be codified and improved, I kind of got on a roll and wrote up the following document as a proposed guide for the operation of future Platform Committees.. A few of the suggestions herein would require Bylaws changes, while others could simply be adopted as practices by a Platform Committee or other bodies desiring to use them without affecting the current Bylaws.

  I've attached this as an Open Office document (we'll see whether this works better than the older version of MS Word that I have, which some have had trouble opening). This proposed Handbook has not yet been reviewed by anyone, so help in pointing out errors, mistakes, omissions, etc., as well as other thoughts and feedback, are welcome.

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LPC Platform Committee Handbook
Suggestions for Platform Committee operations

County parties: Select your Platform Committee representative and any alternates for the following year before the annual state convention, so that your selection(s) can be announced at the convention and prepared to take part in the meeting following the convention.

Hold the first meeting of the newly elected Platform Committee after the end of convention business on the same day, in or near the convention venue [on-site unless the person(s) proposing a different location are able to provide transportation from the convention venue to any proposed meeting location further than walking distance for anyone wishing to attend].

Anyone who has signed the party's non-aggression membership pledge is welcome to participate in any Platform Committee meetings, teleconferences, or discussions; others may quietly listen/observe, or be recognized to speak by a majority vote of committee members.

Post the minutes of each committee meeting to a page of minutes for meetings that term included at a link on the Platform page of the LPC website, with each year's Platform Committee having its own separate archived page listing its members and meeting minutes.

Also include on the Platform page of the LPC website a link to the national LP platform, along with an explanation that as a state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party, the national platform is also (unless otherwise voted by delegates) the platform of the Libertarian Party of California at the national level.

All committee votes to be roll call votes unless a motion is approved without objection, or it is unanimously agreed by committee members present that a particular vote is inconsequential, and how individual representatives voted of little interest to party members.

Platform Committee elected positions

Chair – Responsible for chairing meetings (either in-person or teleconferences) and presenting the Platform Committee's report to the convention delegates. The chair shall avoid making unilateral decisions or taking actions on behalf of the committee without a proper vote of committee members.

Vice-Chair – Responsible for assuming the role of chair when that person not present, and assisting the chair as requested.

Secretary – Responsible for taking and publishing minutes and any preliminary committee reports or other official communications of the committee, and keeping the committee website page current and up-to-date in all particulars (including names and contact information of committee members, minutes of committee meetings, schedule of upcoming committee meetings, and lists of Proposed Planks and Proposed Platforms), and reporting immediately to the committee if not getting the full cooperation of whoever has access to make website changes in performing these tasks. [The Executive Committee should give the Platform Committee secretary direct access to make changes on the Platform Committee web page if possible.]

Vice-Secretary – Responsible for assuming the role of secretary when that person not present, and assisting the secretary as requested.

Proposed Planks
Any planks proposed by LPC members shall be listed on a separate page titled Proposed Planks and linked to the LPC platform page. Each plank so listed shall remain there on the date it was added (with most recent proposals listed first), unless the Executive Committee or the convention delegates vote to remove one or more proposed planks from the list as contrary to the Statement of Principles.

Platform Committee members could either bring forward planks from this list, or submit new plank proposals of their own, which would subsequently be added to the Proposed Plank list as follows:

At the end of each convention, any planks proposed by a member or members of the Platform Committee that year but not adopted are moved to the top of the list of Proposed Planks in order of their popularity among committee members, unless they were voted on and rejected by delegates, in which case they would be added to the bottom of the list with a notation indicating their rejection by delegates and the date of the rejection, along with the "for" and "against" vote totals.

Proposed Platforms
Any entire platforms proposed by party members shall be listed on a separate page titled Proposed Platforms and linked to the LPC platform page. (Individual planks from such platforms could also be listed in the Proposed Planks list, if desired by their proponents.) Any Platform Committee member can submit a proposed platform for consideration by the committee, and if a majority of committee members vote in favor of making it part of the committee's report, then it shall be recommended for adoption by convention delegates.

[The provisions described in the following paragraph would require a change to the LPC Bylaws.]
Delegates could adopt a Proposed Platform by a single 3/4 supermajority vote. Following such a vote, the current platform would be replaced by the new platform so adopted, and transferred to the top of the list of Proposed Platforms. Such an action could be reversed by majority vote, but only at the same convention where the vote occurred, or at the following state convention. After that time, bringing it back would require the same 3/4 supermajority vote as to replace the current Platform with any other proposed platform.

LPC Platform Committee Handbook (proposed) (20.4 KB)

Starchilf: Why don't you use Google Docs?

I generally prefer to keep my stuff on my hard drive rather than "in the cloud".

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Do you have a backup system?

The nice thing about Google docs (privacy aside) is that it's easy to share. You can also distribute work. There's version control. And it's "free" whatever that means and backed up.


Dropbox is owned by Microsoft. No privacy there although you can self-encrypt if you want.

There are tradeoffs everywhere. Some things deserve to be more private. But sharing a political process document with a group is already a public enterprise. Focus on convenience, sharing and time cost. Google docs is perfect. Some free advice from your computer advisor. Smile


Also, not too many people use Open Office. Libre Office is more popular. I
realize that there is at least some degree of file format compatibility
between these platforms.



Libre Office is a great idea more consistent with Libertarian principles than Google. Although Google is widely used. My understanding is Open Office is no longer being supported.




You guys are probably more current with what's happening in the world of word processing software than I am.

   It sounds like you both recommend Libre Office. Are you saying it's more consistent with libertarian principles Mike because it's open source, or what makes it better in that regard?

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Yes....and doesn't spy like Google does for a living.