Proposal to Publishers, Editors, Newsanchors, and Journalists for a joint investigation of unaccountable judges' interception of people's emails and mail to suppress those critical of the judges

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Dr.Richard Cordero, Esq.
Ph.D.,University of Cambridge, England
M.B.A., University of Michigan Business School
D.E.A., La Sorbonne, Paris
JudicialDiscipline Reform
New York City, ,

DearPublishers, Editors, Newsanchors, Journalists, and Advocates of Honest Judiciaries,

Iwould like to submit to your consideration leads whose potential impact foryour audience and the rest of the public warrants consideration: the exposureof unaccountable judges’ riskless abuse of power.

Federaljudges’ abuse of power affect the whole of the population and does so moreprofoundly than the alleged abuse of power by the President in the Ukrainian scandal:Judges wield their power over people’s property, liberty, and all the rightsand duties that frame their lives and determine their identity.

A. The foundation of the leads: official judicialstatistics; a professional study; and the proven appeal of the posted articles
1. Theparticular reason why you should consider these leads is its solid foundation:the judges’ official statistics submitted annually to Congress under 28 U.S.C.§604 and available on the Internet to the public; and their own statistics and statementson their official websites.

2. Theirstatistics are professionallyresearched, analyzed, and referenced in the 2-volume study*† of judges and their judiciaries:
Exposing Judges' Unaccountability and
Consequent RisklessWrongdoing:
Pioneering the news and publishing field of
judicialunaccountability reporting* †

3. Articles from the study have been posted to the website at Theirpublic appeal is so intense that out of its many webvisitors they have turnedinto subscribers 28,073 and counting(OL2:Appendix 3).The proven appeal of those articles can likewise be exerted on your audience bythe proposed articles based on the leads discussed hereunder.
4. You may also review the study’s presentation video and slides here:

B. Judges' interception of people's emails and mail

5. The specific abuse that would most intensely outrage the nationalmedia and the public is federal judges’ self-interested and warrantlessinterception of people’s emails and mail.

6. Judges do so to detect and suppress those critical of them so asto maintain their pretense of honesty and avoid any external exercise of constitutionalchecks and balances by the other two branches, which would jeopardize theirunaccountability as well as the unlawful benefits that they have alreadygrabbed and intend to keep grabbing.

7. Therefore, I respectfully propose that you:
a. review the video and the slides, and the article at †>OL2:951;and

b. interview me to discuss:

1) unaccountable judges’ riskless abuse of power;
2) approaching the presidential candidates to lay out how it is intheir own electoral interest to denounce judges' abuse and thereby appeal tothe huge untapped voting bloc of The Dissatisfied with the Judicial and LegalSystem; and
3) a joint investigation of judges’ interception of people’semails and mail. In this vein, consider the precedent for such investigation:

1. Information Technology (IT) experts found the U.S. Departmentof Justice engaged in hacking CBS computers

8. Former CBS ReporterSharryl Attkisson(*>OL:215) noticed suspicious behaviors in her officeand home computers. She and CBS hired three independent IT experts to examinethem. They found digital dust that allowed them to conclude that the computershad been hacked by the Department of Justice. Thelatter wanted to eavesdrop on thetwo stories by Reporter Attkisson that were embarrassing DoJ and the rest ofthe Obama administration:

a) DoJ’s Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ ill-conceived and disastrous Fast andFurious operation for selling guns and tracking their journey to Mexicandruglords. It led to the use of one such gun to kill an American border patrol.For his refusal to produce unredacted documents thereon, Congress held incontempt AG Eric Holder, who resigned.

b) The killing of theAmerican ambassador and his aides at Benghazi, Libya... This story included thefailure of the Department of State to heed the warning of an attack and protectthe embassy. The investigation sought to determine the responsibility ofSecretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Department.

9. Rep. Attkisson is suingthe Justice Department for $35 million. This shows that doing what is right canlead to making money. Hence the proposed academic and business venture(†>OL2:846) anda thought-out business plan(OL2:914,978§E).

2. Edward Snowden’s leak and NSA’s unlawful mass surveillance ofthe public
10. The findings of ourinvestigation can ignite hotter national outrage than that sparked by thedocuments leaked by E. Snowden showing that NSA was collecting unlawfully,without warrants, metadata –e.g., phone numbers, callers’ and callees’ names,call dates and duration– of scores of millions of phone calls.

11. The NSA did not preventany calls. By contrast, the judges prevent the delivery of emails and mailbased on their contents. That constitutes a clear violation of the American people’smost cherished constitutional rights, namely, those under the First Amendmentguaranteeing “freedom of speech, of the press, the right of the peoplepeaceably to assemble [through the Internet and on social media too], and topetition the Government [of which judges are the third branch] for a redress ofgrievances”(†>OL2:792¶1).

C. Leads for articles can lead to becoming a Champion of Justice
12. This is your opportunity to report on, and by so doing even leadto, judicial abuse exposure, compensation, and reform; and become therefornationally recognized by a grateful We the People as Champions ofJustice.

D. Put your money where your outrage at abuse andpassion for justice are 13. Yourconsideration of these leads can include a related objective of essentialimportance because:
Every meaningful cause
needs resources for its advancement;
none can be advanced without money 14. Hence, I have written a prospectus(†>OL2:914)‡ to apply toventure capitalists for venture capital –not a loan– to run Judicial Discipline Reform as a for-profitbusiness guided by the motto:
Making moneywhile doing justice. ‡ Also at

15. The capital will help Judicial Discipline Reform to continue its professional and originallaw research and writing, andstrategic thinking. 16. It will also enhanceits website at public appeal is so intense that out of its many visitors it has turnedinto subscribers 28,080 and counting(OL2:Appendix 3).That proven appeal can be fostered and monetized by enhancing the site from aninformational one into, among other things: a. aclearinghouse for complaints(OL2:918) about judges that anybody canupload; and b. aresearch center for auditing(*>OL:274-280,304-307) many complaints in search of (*>jur:131§b,*>OL:255) the most persuasive type ofevidence, i.e., patterns(OL2:792§A), trends,and schemes(OL2:614) of abuse of power. 17. Capital isalso needed to undertake the concrete, realistic, and feasible ProgrammaticActivities (OL2:916§C,978§E) aimed to form thenational movement and attain its objectives of judicial abuse exposure,compensation, and reform. The Program shows that there is a thought-outbusiness plan reasonably calculated to turn a profit. 18. Meantime, Iappeal to you to support JudicialDiscipline Reform by DONATING through
PayPal or at
the GoFundMe campaign at I look forward to hearing from you.

Dare trigger history!(†>OL2:953)...and you may enter it.†>

Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
Judicial Discipline Reform
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Bronx, NY 10472-6506
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