Proposal: move June meeting to Sunday 6/14


You’re still on the state ExCom as well, aren’t you? But their meetings don’t always go until 5pm, and if they’re having it online, they might not be planning to hold a 7 or 8 hour meeting this time.

It’s still a month away, in any case; I’m inclined to wait and see whether anything changes. Frankly I consider our local meeting a higher priority, my view being that the issues around who can vote at our meetings are better addressed locally, and that taking this complaint against our local party to the state level is a waste of everyone’s time. But let’s see what opinions others have.

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From: “Rebecca Lau [lpsf-activists]”

Posted by: Starchild

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No, I'm not on the LPC Ex Com. My term ended last convention. Richard is on it. He won't be able to attend the LPSF meeting. Richard's place on the ex-com will not change. He will miss the LPSF meeting. We should change it to Sunday June 14 from 3-5 pm.

Rebecca introduced a proposal. Since all 3 officers are have an interest in
the excom meeting, I will put it in the form of a motion.

Motion to change the June meeting date from Saturday July 13 to Sunday July
14, same time 3-5pm.

*June, rather.

Just so there's no confusion, I'll re-write it.

The motion is to change the June meeting date from Saturday June 13 to
Sunday June 14.

I second

Since the motion has been seconded, voting can commence. It is my
experience on the national platform committee that no argument may be made
on the first e-mail of an electronic vote (this e-mail), so I won't vote on
this e-mail but a subsequent one.