Proposal: move June meeting to Sunday 6/14


Richard suggested this to me, but I hadn’t responded yet, so thanks for posting. I dislike moving our meeting time/location without a really good reason however, because predictability is generally good for attendance. Also, FYI, I haven’t made any commitment to attend the state meeting. If it is held in person in Long Beach as originally scheduled, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll attend.

I expect it will most likely be online, however since ExCom meetings typically run something like 10am to 5pm, I think they should be able to schedule our item to not be heard during the two hours (3-5pm) that the LPSF meeting takes place, so as not to create a conflict for the three of us or anyone else from the LPSF who might be interested.

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From: “Rebecca Lau [lpsf-activists]”

Posted by: Starchild

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The LPC meeting will take place online.
Richard is a member of the LPC executive committee so he won’t be able to attend the LPSF meeting if it’s held on Saturday from 3-5. We are already short on officers so I think it’s in the party’s best interest to accommodate our secretary.
There is a month before the meeting so there’s plenty of time to give notice.