Proposal: move June meeting to Sunday 6/14

I propose moving the June LPSF meeting to Sunday.
The reason is that the LP of California executive committee will meet on June 13. They have a location but will most likely meet electronically. Starchild, Richard, and I will be at the meeting (either in person or online). The library will not have a meeting room for us to use in June. There’s no issue with LPSF moving our meeting to Sunday since we don’t have a reservation. Please let me know if you support moving the meeting date.

Richard Fast said the LPC executive committee meeting is confirmed to be online. There is almost one month until the next LPSF meeting so there's plenty of time to inform people our meeting date has changed. Starchild and Richard, please respond!

Sunday, June 14 is fine since the LPC candidate event is cancelled. I think
we should keep the time from 3-5pm.