PROPOSAL - LPSF press release and press conference congratulating those who are no longer being persecuted

By the way, for those of you who aren't regular South Park watchers, this
week they made fun of the recent rash of local and even state governments
banning fast food at around the same time as they legalize medicinal

It might be an interesting demographic grab to mention South Park in the
press release, just so it will pop up in Google when people search for South
Park and drugs.


too esoteric a connection as it is dependent on people knowing what and who South Park is and is about and watched the fast food episode and could make the connection between.

Ron Getty

Almost died laughing. Reminds of my recent trip to South Lake Tahoe.
We had breakfast on a deck in the Nevada side. The air was thick with
tobacco. We went over to the california side for coffee. The air was
thick with MJ. . Both were the smell of freedom.