Propaganda idea

I do not know if the lpf already offers such things, but it may be a good idea to offer sort of government failure 101 economics classes to not yet libertarians. I am quite sure, for instance, that many ignore the various analysis that explained the current crisis with more than the irrational exhuberance of market participants.


Hi Jeremie,

You are so right! I also believe that Libertarians need to get more involved in reaching the non-Libertarians with our side of the story. LPSF has no formal education outreach, other than postings on our website, our official Facebook site, and our individual Facebook sites. Several years ago, one of our members, Kelly, had an excellent program going, in which she visited high schools to discuss Libertarian approaches to politics. But after Kelly retired from the LPSF, no one was able to continue the outreach.

Maybe an on-line class, a bit more formal than postings might be an idea. However, our challenge at LPSF is never a lack of good ideas, but the people power to implement them!