Prop K - photocopies & buttons

I am all but out of the first run of 500 fliers I made, and would like to make some more to keep putting up. If you have the ability to make free 8.5" by 11" photocopies, please let me know. I have a limited amount of white and colored paper that can be used if you have access to use a machine but can't obtain free paper. People to help with going around putting up fliers are always welcome too -- it's more fun working together.

  I also want to make buttons based on the fabulous logos Kimberly has designed for us. Making the buttons is a fairly time-consuming process, and is not cost-free, although the more I make, the more the per-unit cost goes down because already having purchased the button press, it then just becomes a matter of ordering extra supplies. Right now I very roughly estimate the cost at $.25 each. So if you would like to fund the production of some buttons, or want to learn how to use a button-making machine and spend some time cranking them out, again just let me know. My aim is to give everybody working on the campaign at least a free button, beyond that you can have extras to distribute if you want to help make or pay for them.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))