Prop J - Homeless Housing & Service Fund - Transportation Improvement Fund & Budget Set-Aside

Hi All. OK, here's another one to knock out. Continuing the tradition of
one setaside after another, this one will take large chunks of money out of
the discretionary budget and lock them in for the next 24 years for
homeless housing/services and the SFMTA. Obviously funding housing for the
homeless is unlibertarian since that's forcing folks to pay for the down
and out--forced giving--not to mention it only adds to the huge government
bureaucracy that already exists for such purposes that isn't solving the
problem. No small chump change either--$50 million annually.

The other chunk will go the SFMTA, which hasn't done such a great job of
improving public transportation. I see suspect things in the details like
12.4% for Vision Zero Safe and Complete Streets, authorizing the Board of
Supervisors to issue lease revenue bonds without a vote of the citizens,
"provide transit service affordability for low and moderate-income youth,
seniors, and people with disabilities" (free goodies to special-favored
groups), and "outreach" (marketing) to promote sustainable travel choices
(more Plan Bay Area). This other chunk is almost double the homeless chunk
at $101.6 million year.

I see nothing good at all in this one, and the 24-year time frame alone
would be reason enough to vote it down. Recommend a NO vote.

Please review/comment and vote.


Hi Aubrey

Thank you. I suggest a NO vote: disingenuous to bundle homelessness and transportation, the City should not be saddled with set asides, there is a CA proposal to eliminate ability to issue revenue bonds without voter approval, the Zero Vision is just silly talk, I an ready to agitate for taking transportation out of government hands (high cost and increasingly limited service).