Prop. H


  I think you're missing the forest for the trees. Sure adding two extra
commissioner slots is technically "more government," but it's adding to
a government body whose function is strictly to act as a check on
another government body. It's in the libertarian interest to make sure
that watchdogs are as well-funded and powerful as possible. Would you
have wanted to deny staff to the Independent Counsel's office while it
was investigating Clinton's perjury? The current situation -- where the
police chief and the people who are supposed to watch over the police
are all appointed by the same individual -- is an open invitation to
corruption and lax oversight. That will tend to mean more police
officers stepping out of line, resulting in more lawsuits against the
city. I'm not sure that the police commissioners are paid at all, but
even if they are drawing a small salary, I can virtually guarantee that
the savings resulting from better enforcement will outweigh the cost of
these two extra commissioners. I hope you'll reconsider and vote yes on
Proposition H.

Yours in liberty,
              <<< Starchild >>>

Proposition H: YES

Proposition H will introduce much-needed oversight over the San
Police Department. Right now, the mayor appoints both the Chief of
and the Police Commission; meanwhile, the Office of Citizen
Complaints does
not have enough power to investigate and prosecute cases brought
it. Proposition H will give the Board of Supervisors appointments on
Police Commission, a proper division of powers. In addition, the OCC
have the power to file charges against police officers. Unanimous

I know that I am terribly late in commenting.

I am voting no on H.

H "would increase the number of Police Commissioners from five to
seven." That's more government. It will seperate power, but too far
towards the policians, who would not only be able to create laws, but
would also be able to manipulate their enforcement.


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