Prop D Argument (Additional Tax on Cannabis/Expanding Businesses Subject to More Taxes)

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Is there no end to the greed of the politicians? Not content with the
additional gross receipts tax on commercial rents and additional parcel tax
from June’s election, Prop D would impose an *additional* gross receipts
tax on cannabis businesses. Finally, recreational marijuana can be
purchased openly and legally, but *Prop D would send pot purchasers back to
the black market with onerous taxes that would make the price of legal pot
prohibitively high.*

*Wasn’t the whole point of legalization to eliminate the black market where
even children could easily access pot and quality and potency were
unpredictable? *

Washington and Colorado lowered their initially high taxes to attract
buyers back to the legal market, and even Berkeley lowered its cannabis tax
rate. *Pot is already being taxed in California and San Francisco.*
imposes a 15% excise tax. San Francisco taxes it at 8.5%, and cannabis
businesses with gross receipts of over $1,000,000 are already taxed from
..075% to .65%. Cannabis is already taxed at every step of the supply
chain—cultivation, testing, and sales.

*Prop D was purposely left open so the BOS could easily raise the tax
rates.* The *starting* rates are 1%, 1.5%, 2.5%, and 5%. Prop D sets 7%
as the maximum; it’s just a matter of time before the tax hungry
politicians vote to raise the rates to 7%. It’s laughable Prop D mentions
*lowering* the rates. When was the last time the politicians *lowered* any

Prop D also capitalizes on the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows
jurisdictions to tax without a physical presence. It would charge business
taxes on more companies and *make goods and services even more expensive to
purchase in San Francisco.*

With an $11 billion budget, isn’t it time to say NO to politicians with no
shame? *Vote NO on D.*
Libertarian Party of San Francisco