Prop C (Commercial Tax for Childcare) Rebuttal Argument

Hi All. Here's my rebuttal for C. As always, improvements are welcome as
I have no pride of ownership with ballot measure arguments. Clocks in at
250, though the Department of Elections' count will be slightly less.

Why is it that politicians always have another “crisis” on their hands to
“fix” with higher taxes? The housing crisis, the homeless crisis, the
water crisis, the traffic crisis, the CCSF crisis, the teacher shortage
crisis, and now it’s the early education crisis.

*The City has been involved in the childcare business since 2004, so why
have things gotten worse necessitating $146 million in new taxes? * The new
taxes will be paid by someone, and it won’t be greedy “real estate
landlords” but the ultimate customers of the businesses leasing out spaces
from them. Will higher living costs help working people?

Parents leave San Francisco for a variety of reasons—high housing costs,
traffic and parking, inadequate government schools, small living spaces—so
subsidizing childcare will do little to reverse the appeal of the suburbs
being more family-friendly.

*There will always be a long waiting list of families needing lower
childcare costs since the bureaucrats’ rules discourage more providers from
entering the business.* When someone else pays the bills, there’s no
shortage of recipients. With more city funding, more recipients will apply
for assistance.

Many families would prefer to have one parent stay at home if living in The
City weren’t so expensive. Targeting subsidies to paid daycare centers
will discourage parents from using family and informal childcare

*Prop C will do nothing to lower childcare costs and will make more parents
dependent on the politicians to “help” them. Vote NO on C.*

Libertarian Party of San Francisco


Looks great to me. I couldn't believe how the proponent argument included the bit that "[the burden of expensive childcare costs] includes our early education teachers, some of the most underpaid in San Francisco." Blatant pandering!

No suggestions from me. Thanks!!



Okay, here's my edit of Aubrey's Prop. C rebuttal (utilizing his very helpful research on 2014's Proposition C!). It comes in at 255 words, but should be under 250 by the Elections Department count due to all the uses of "San Francisco" which they count as one word.

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