Prop AA (Regional Parcel Tax - SF Bay Restoration Authority

Hi All. Here isthe argument that I wrote against Prop AA, the regional parcel tax that’ssupposed to “clean up the Bay” (don’t hold your breath). The only changes I made since I passed it outat Saturday’s meeting were in two sections that I quoted from the text had incorrectsection numbers and letters, so I have fixed that. I have no pride of ownership when it comes towriting these ballot arguments, so if anyone wants to change and improve it, bemy guest—as long as it’s ready to go on Thursday morning. It currently clocks at 299 words (the limitis 300). By the way, does anyone have any major objection to measking Quentin Kopp if he wants to sign on to our argument? I received an email today with his namementioned that he is also opposed to the new tax, and it might lend credibilityto our side to have him associated with our argument. Alternately, if he’s interested, he may wantto sign on as “San Francisco Taxpayer’s Association,” which is really him,Chris Bowman, and just a few other conservatives. They submitted against Props J & K in theelection last November and won the lottery for both measures under thatorganization’s name. Please advise yourthoughts. Are you pleased with how government bureaucrats arespending your hard-earned money? Are theroads, buses, trains, and schools in good shape? If so, why is it that in every election thevoters are being asked to approve more taxes and debt to fix things? Prop AA is another “feel good” effort to extract moremoney from the taxpayers for a noble purpose. What specific projects are going to be funded to really improve theBay? “Shoreline cleanup and trashremoval” (Section 3A1.b)? Organizationsand individuals already do this voluntarily and without hitting up thetaxpayers. “Provide interpretivematerials and special outreach events about pollution prevention” (Section 3A4.b)? Why give bureaucrats your hard-earned moneyto tell you how not to pollute? Beware of the very real possibility of being on the hookfor more than $12/year. Prop AA lists“the possible payment of debt service on bonds.” Once bonds are mentioned—and with no limittoo—the real intent becomes more apparent: more debt for future taxpayers. Who exactly are the regional bureaucrats that make up theSan Francisco Bay Restoration Authority? Who elected them to serve in this capacity? Can the taxpayers remove them from officelike regular elected officials if they mismanage taxpayer money? Are they accountable to you or to otherbureaucrats? Don’t be fooled by Prop AA’s guarantee of accountability. The independent committees that routinelyaudit bond implementation and spending of special funds these days merelyrubberstamp the spending after it’s done. We have yet to hear of any independent “oversight” committee audit thathas ever criticized anything. Don’t waste your money giving it to bureaucrats appointedby other bureaucrats. Better to give itdirectly to organizations that are already working to clean up the Bay. VoteNO on AA. Libertarian Party of San Francisco Thanks!Aubrey
P.S. Thanks to Marcy for sending out a heads-up call to the Announce List for possible donations needed later in the week and also a brief article on the website about the same subject!