Prop A Complaint

Second sending….it seems something was wrong with the first sending.

For those interested, Arntz and Herrera responded to our complaint with a Demurrer request to the court. This means they are claiming our points are irrelevant or invalid, while granting the factual basis of the point. See attached.

Perhaps a better use of your time might be to simply read our response. Only 10 pages. We will see what the court says later this month. My hope is that the court rules in our favor which frees us to move things forward with the court. It will also be a perfect time for the next Press Release.


Michael F Denny

(415) 608-0269

Yeah…it seems Yahoo doesn’t handle more than one attachment very well. Here’s their response. The actual response in paper was over 2 inches think including all the backup material. Lots of government employee time on it for sure.