Promoting Freedom Close to Home

Hey Marcy,
my brain's catching up.
How can see Ugly Betty?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for asking. You can see Ugly Betty (proud winner of last
week's Golden Globe Awards) on Thursdays 8:00 pm ABC; or on-line for
past episodes. Do not expect a lot of political rabble rousing on
this show, just low key revelations on immigration, health care,
corporate disinterest, and of course being true to yourself.

Eric, on another subject. The San Francisco Examiner is running this
blurb in every edition called "San Francisco's Next Mayor?" that
briefly says who the person is and what he/she stands for. I have not
seen you on this series. If you are interested you might want to
contact The Examiner and find out how you can get on (if you have not
been on already). Their "Features" phone # is 415 359-2727. Website



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Hey Marcy,
my brain's catching up.
How can see Ugly Betty?
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> Dear Eric,
> I did not know that! My Mom, although not by any means rich, gives
> regularly to St. Anthony's Dinning Room and other religious
> charities. It is amazing how much private citizens already do
> efficiently. Imagine how much more private individuals would do


> so much of their income and energies were not sucked up by


> But, we are not alone in trying to get our message out. Part of


> job is keeping up with the young people's TV shows etc, so I have
> something to talk about with my daughter and her friends :- ) The
> last episode of "Ugly Betty" showed Betty furious about all the
> withholdings from her meager paycheck...followed by her trying to
> figure out a way to pay for her Dad's medicine. Government
> interference: Zero sum game!
> Marcy
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> >
> > Yes Marcy,
> > St. Anthony's Dinning menu reads; we do not except gov. funding.
> Cheers to them are do!
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> > > > > Hi All,
> > > > I really enjoyed the article below posted by Richard


> > > Setting aside our friendly differences at the LPSF whether
> liberty
> > > does or does not include the Constitution, I felt the advice


> the
> > > article was a good one. Just a thought: How about adopting


> > > "theme of action" for 2007, whereby we offer through