Pro Self Defense and Anti War

Mr. Denny, to what do I owe this thinly veiled attack? Have you lost your
sense of humor...did you miss the smiley face in my response to Dave's question?
I'm not a politician, I'm not here to make friends or enemies just to learn
from others and to share my believes. Tell me...what are you really mad about?

Live free or die, Michael S.

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<< Dave,

I'd say it's too bad Mr. Sawyer chose to use his considerable intelligence to
demean your question with a curt and seemingly snide reply rather than use
"succinct" language to educate on this subject near and dear to him...especially
as you presented your question quite honestly to him. Frankly, this kind of
response doesn't flatter him but that's OK. He's representing his own ideas
here and if he doesn't care how he or his ideas are received then that's his
problem. Still, I'm glad he's in our forum and cares about Liberty enough to
affiliated with us. And he does have a point, it is difficult to reconcile
self-defense and anti-war sentiments. In my opinion, it can and must be done.

As one who shares your sentiments and who is as fully armed as the state of
California allows, it is perfectly consistent to be in favor of self-defense
and still abhor the idea of war, even if necessary and justified. But it is not
consistent to be in favor of self-defense and a pacifist. After all,
self-defense does imply that there may be some killing. And defensive war is still war.

One does not have to be a pacifist to be against war. Anyone who is "pro-war"
is confused if you ask me. Still, it is a tough world out there and we must
be prepared to take care of ourselves and those for whom we are responsible.
The issue we debate on this forum is whether the Iraq situation is in fact
self-defense. I won't labor the issue here as plenty has been said in previous
threads. But some names for those who are pro self-defense and anti-war in my
opinion are "thoughtful", "life affirming" and "G_d fearing" to name a few. I'm
sure there are many more. Maybe Mr. Sawyer has a few to add to the rather short
offering he made in his first reply to you.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Michael Denny >>