Pro 8 Sponsors Appeal To Nullify 18,000 Gay Marriages

Dear All;

Some late breaking news which has to be the
a cornerstone reason why the State should
not be involved in marriages at all.

It is also a very sad self-commentary on a group
of people whose knuckles scrap the ground
as they lurch about after having slimed
there way out from under rocks located
in some primeval fetid Jurassic swamp.

Get the State out of the marriage business.

Those pro Prop. 8 people need
to review the US Constitution on Bills
of Attainder and ex post facto laws Section 9.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Prop. 8 Sponsors Seek To
Nullify 18K Gay MarriagesSAN FRANCISCO (AP) ―

The sponsors of Proposition 8 are asking the
California Supreme Court to nullify the marriages
of the estimated 18,000 same-sex couples who
exchanged vows before voters last month
approved the ballot initiative that outlawed
gay unions.

The Yes on 8 campaign filed a brief Friday
arguing that because the new law holds
that only marriages between a man and
a woman are recognized or valid in
California, the state can no longer
recognize the existing same-sex unions.

The campaign submitted the brief in
response to three lawsuits seeking to
invalidate Proposition 8, a constitutional
amendment that overruled the court's
decision in May that legalized gay marriage.

Both Attorney General Jerry Brown
and gay rights groups are maintaining
that the gay marriage ban may not
be applied retroactively.

The Supreme Court could hear
arguments in the cases as soon as March.