--- In, "Amarcy D. Berry"
> Ron, my daughter saw "V for Vendetta" , and she felt that this would
> be a good movie to help us promote the LP. Well, upon second thought,
> I do not think so! I will stick to the traditional,unbelievably
> dull, recruiting of Libertarians.
> Marcy

Well, I've talked to one of my friends about this, who is a long time
libertarian. In fact if you look at this chart here, he's paintchips
and I'm Broken_Ladder. [](

He has expressed something that I've totally come to agree upon--that
the Libertarian party does a horrible marketing job. It doesn't seem
artsy and sophisticated. The Libertarian web sites tend to look drab
and unartistic compared to the lush sophistication of sites like If you want to appeal to the really bright minds, you have
to go for the inner hipster/artist/intellectual of the Dems and the
inner BMW elitism of the Reps. _V for Vendetta_, whether it advocates
violence or not, is most significant in that its energizing and
empowering, and forces people to ask powerful questions. I left that
theater feeling likea different person, and I wish I could see
something like that each day to remind me why the struggle matters.

I do agree that the more aberrant ideas that I have, like supporting
"terrorism" against the U.S. government's property, are not the kind
of thing I want to bring up to someone I'm trying to convince. But in
terms of discussing the theory behind our beliefs, I think it's
acceptable to toss this banter around and try to find ourselves.