PRI happy hour events

Hi Kelly,

  Thanks for your message. I am glad to hear that Pacific Research Institute is taking this initiative. I would personally be interested in attending such events, and think some others might be as well. I would encourage PRI to focus on the *local* angle of issues, i.e. with an eye to how we can go about creating real change right here in San Francisco, and specifically how we can get support for libertarian ideas from people on the political left.

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        ((( starchild ))) wrote:

With all due respect, have you considered the possibility you may no longer
be a "young adult."

Seriously! He’s older than I am, and I have started to get comments
from people checking my ID like, “Good job!” and, “Keep drinking that
wine — it’s keeping you preserved!”

[Of all the things I love about New Hampshire, the government-controlled
alcohol distribution system is not near the top of the list.]



  No, I pretty much ignore that possibility. :wink:

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        ((( starchild )))