Congratulations and thank you to Starchild and Dave Barker from me also for their published pieces.

Regarding Starchild's letter in the Examiner, I very much agree with his picking a fight with the word "progressive." We used to call "big government" people "leftists" (some more kindly called them "liberals," and others less kindly called them "pinkos"). The leftists decided to find a more appealing name for themselves and settled on "progressive." They have now appropriated a word that conjures "progress," "moving forward." I cannot think of a group less willing to embrace any change than the big government people. I can see the leftists wanting to call themselves "progressive", but I am suggesting that Libertarians follow Starchild's lead and refuse to accept it. I was surprised at the last LPSF meeting to hear us using the word "progressive" to describe leftists!


Thanks, Marcy. Words are indeed very important. In my original letter, I suggested that the reason so many leftists now want to call themselves "progressive" is because the track record of people who share their ideology has given the words "communist," "socialist," "leftist," and "liberal" a bad name, and that we should let them reap what they have sown. Similarly many conservatives shun the term "right wing" and want to redefine themselves as "compassionate conservatives."

Yours in liberty,
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