PRESS RELEASE! - We're taking over the political process

Ron Paul Friends Officially Launches!
Take over of the Political Process beginning!
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For the following 5 days we need to send a message out to all the
people supporting Ron Paul and lead them to our
website and get them logged in to our program. This can be done by
posting "Press Releases" to all Freedom Groups for posting on their
websites and email updates as well as spreading the word through
Internet Radio stations like Republic Broadcasting, We the People
Radio Network, Genesis, and many others.

Live Interviews are available and sought after.

Pass this to all your contacts both individually and through the various

JOIN RON PAUL FRIENDS USA ...The time has come!

The Sole purpose of Ron Paul Friends USA is to ensure without a doubt
that Ron Paul will # 1 - Win the Republican Nomination and # 2 - Win
the Presidential Election. These goals will be accomplished through
Ron Paul supporters getting directly involved in the Politics of the
election process at the Grassroots level beginning at your local

There are three goals to accomplish at the Precinct level:

1) Get the people registered to vote.
2) Get the majority to vote for Ron Paul.
3) Get the majority of Delegates elected that are Ron Paul Supporters.

Accomplishing the above three tasks in every precinct across the
country will ensure that Ron Paul will be our next President! Yes you
read that right. He WILL BE our next President if these goals are
accomplished. Period! End of discussion. We are not about trying to
get the word out and "hoping" that he will be elected. We're going to
make sure He is elected.

Ron Paul Friends USA was designed to make this happen. We are building
this from the bottom up and the top down and anything in between.
If you want Ron Paul as your next President then we need you to make
a commitment by volunteering at some level to take charge of an area
whether it be a precinct leader, area leader, county leader, or just
a block walker hanging "door hangers".

Please sign up at: http:

You will need your Precinct # off your voter registration card or
search for your precinct under your Secretary of State's office website.
Get involved NOW! We only have a few months to get organized in every
precinct before the first Primaries/Caucus' start in December.

Jim Palmisano
North Territory Director
Ron Paul Friends USA
RTR Missouri Coordinator

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Restore The Republic, 4 E. Ogden Ave #125, Westmont, Illinois 60559

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