Press Release from - Microchips may cause deadly tumors

Microchipping is a dangerous trend, because of the possibility that chips implanted in various products, pets, and even potentially human beings could become a means of government tracking and control. Imagine how attractive a prospect it would be for authoritarians in government if people could just be scanned to determine whether they'd paid their taxes, were in the country legally, had any warrants, etc.! Now there's news that chips in living beings may pose another danger, namely causing the growth of dangerous tumors. Please spread the word.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Why Starchild - oned would think you have a "chip" on your shoulder about chips!!! LOL

As long as the chips are made with no trans fat and use sea salt then I wouldn't worry about having a chip off the old block.

(Hey - Like I could resist) LOL

Ron Getty