Pres. Results (

2004 Third Party Presidential Results
      updated November 3, 2004

            Party Ind/Reform Libertar. Const. Green PFP Socialist SWP SWP
            Cand. Nader Badnarik Peroutka Cobb Peltier Brown Harris Calero
            Total 391,706 374,586 128,965 104,517 21,616 10,285 6,688 5,259

      Results are based on 99% of precincts reporting. These results do not include any provisional ballots and don't include most absentee ballots. They also do not include write-ins, which won't be counted for a few weeks in most states. Nader's total is expected to increase when write-ins from large states (California, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia) are included.

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