Precinct walk with me for Chesa Boudin?

I’m going to be doing some precinct walking for pro-civil-liberties district attorney Chesa Boudin this evening, in the area of Noe Street just north of Market. (In support of the LPSF’s position of No on H against the recall.) If you’d like to come join me, or do precinct-walking with me some other time or on your own, let me know – call any time at the number below! Chesa supporters are also doing phone banking most evenings from his campaign office at 329 Noe Street (at 16th). And I have extra window signs if you have a place to display one or more at your home, in a vehicle, or elsewhere.

Love & Liberty,

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From: “Chesa Boudin”
Subject: We’ve got momentum
Date: May 20, 2022 at 9:34:33 AM PDT

A few weeks ago, polls showed our campaign behind. And the odds of us defeating the GOP-funded recall were slim.

But as the days have passed, something has changed.

First, we earned the endorsement of the San Francisco Chronicle, then the SF Examiner

Other major newspapers followed, like Bay Area Reporter (our city’s most prominent gay newspaper), Bayview, and Sun Reporter (two of our city’s most prominent Black newspapers).

And just yesterday, we earned the endorsement of Sing Tao, the largest Chinese language media conglomerate in the Bay Area.

Starchild, these aren’t “left-wing” newspapers. And some of them opposed my election in 2019. But they’re all realizing what we’ve known for months, that this recall effort is a GOP power-grab.

At this point, our momentum is undeniable: In addition to the newspaper endorsements, leading DA’s across the country have come out against the recall, including Kim Foxx of Chicago, Larry Krasner of Philadelphia, Mike Schmidt of Portland, and many more.

We’ve also seen our polling tick up, with a recent internal poll showing the recall effort under 50% for the first time in months.

And thanks to you, our fundraising has surged. No, it’s not at the level of the recall effort, but we are drawing thousands of individual contributions from grassroots supporters who want to see our movement continue.

So now, with less than 24 hours remaining before our next filing deadline, I need to ask you to help me capture this momentum. So please, donate what you can right now to help us reach our $25,000 goal and keep our movement on the right track.
Remember, each donation up to $10,000 will be DOUBLED, so there’s never been a better time to make an impact.

$20 = $40 »
$50 = $100 »
$100 = $200 »
Other 2x »
The GOP-funded recall expected us to roll over without a fight. But they underestimated our resolve. We’re not giving up.

Please join me in the fight,

Chesa Boudin
District Attorney, San Francisco

Chesa Boudin was elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2019 to reform our criminal justice system. Now, right-wingers want to reverse our progress and return our city to a time when innocent people were locked away and police acted with impunity.

Please chip in today to keep up the fight to reform San Francisco’s criminal justice system.

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